Will I make my money back?

Based on our results

The average wholesale deal is worth between $5,000- $18,000.
The average flip profit based on our results is $28,000-$45,000.
The average Annual Rental Return per property based on our results is 24%.

Compare that to the banks or stocks
Average returns on bank savings accounts are .06%
Average returns in the stock market are 7%.

It takes, on average, only 1-2 deals to make your money back at our current price point. That alone makes this a no brainer for anyone who wants to build a successful real estate business with very little investment.

What is the catch?

The catch is simple; weíre trying to build a massive real estate investment company that we can be proud of for years to come! That is why weíve designed a lucrative, ìno thinkî system that people can plug into and utilize to build a real estate investment business. We provide the know-how, tools, resources, mentoring, marketing material, etc.Ö We essentially designed and built a business for you, and in return, we share a % of the net revenue on all deals we conduct together. This helps by positioning yourself with the greatest opportunity for success by having a proven system, mentors, and partners that are working with you every step of the way. So, instead of us competing to get deals, weíre working TOGETHER. When you succeed, we succeed. That means you can be confident in knowing weíre wiling to go above and beyond for you to get results.

It’s designed to be a mutual win/win for both parties. You make money, we make money. You gain positive life change, and we gain another testimonial.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

Do I need to have good credit?

NO. Having good credit is something you want to have. BUT, Itís NOT NECESSARY with this program to get started or to succeed in real estate investing.

Do I need to have money?

NO. It’s definitely a BONUS to have money but it’s not required. We will teach you ways in which you can start investing in real estate, even if you have little to no money Just keep in mind: Nothing in life is free. That simply means that you’re either going to trade your time for money, or your money for time.

Who is going to buy the deal?

The deal is purchased as a partnership between YOU and US (The percentage split will vary based on the program level that you’re invested in).

Who is going to pay for rehab cost I.E material/labor?

You are the independent owner and operator of your own business. Therefore, you are required to cover any of your own business expenses in running your business. We do everything we can to make things as simple and cost efficient as possible and we do our best to eliminate as much cost as possible for you. We do, however, offer up to 100% funding on fix and flip deals and transactional funding.

What's in it for us?

A. There are a few reasons we do this (you can read our core WHY at the top of this document to understand our why) The main reason we do this is for the emotional and financial reward. You see, it’s very simple; we want to transform people’s lives. It has been a personal goal of ours to revolutionize an industry and we believe we are doing that HERE. If we can give you a lucrative system that’s action-oriented by design, then eliminate the issue of stress, overwhelm, and information overload, we can then help you develop enough confidence in yourself to go out and EXECUTE and, if you do, we are rewarded with 3 THINGS: emotional reward of changing someone’s life, financial reward, and a testimonial. This really is a win-win. You succeed, we succeed.

How are we making money off this?

We actually lose money because we’e doing this for such a cheap price. But we do make money when someone follows the system and executes. Once we complete a deal, we split those profits with you. We take the additional money made from the deals, turn it back into the company to drive more seller leads, and market for our Certified License Partners. So, WE only make money when YOU make money; that’s why it’s so important to get you on track and moving as FAST and as EFFICIENTLY as possible.

Will you evaluate the deal with me in person?

YES. This is an exclusive privilege that we offer. However, it does have some boundaries in place. Location, time, etc. are all factors. But, for the most part, we provide you with a deal acquisition manager who will come out and evaluate the deal with you. Aside from that, you will have full access to our private deal evaluation app and a team that will evaluate the deal for you and respond with options of what to do by simply uploading the deal information right from your phone.

Will you walk me through the entire process a-z?

Yes. We are with you 100% of the way. As it says, you are a CERTIFIED LICENSED PARTNER; that means, we are with you and here for you along your journey and we’re doing everything we can to help make sure you succeed.

Is this a course I have to attend in person or is this an online thing?

This is NOT an investor’s course. You do not need to attend anything in person at a classroom location. We do, however, provide courses and training for free for our Certified Licensed Partners and we have paid training for our consulting clients. The bottom line is that this is not a course; this is an entire business.

How are we different than the others?

Keep in mind, the other real estate gurus you see out in the marketplace are only coaching companies; they sell you courses/coaching and basically say good luck!î and send you on your way. They do not partner or invest in their client’s success.

Legendary Investors is a Certified License Partnership Program. That means we directly partner with you. We don’t just give you a course and say good luckî. We provide you with practically everything you need to run a real estate investment business. We are personally invested in you and your success. So if you fail, we fail if you succeed, we succeed. The only time we make money is if you make money Tell us: what other company operates like that? There is literally nothing else out there like this. That’s how you know we are truly here to help you succeed we designed it that way.

However, if you have interest in learning more about our one-on-one coaching sessions instead of our Certified Partner Program, feel free to reach out to us.

Will you be available if I have questions?

Yes. You have unlimited email and text message access. We also have a phone support line that you can call whenever you need help.

I've never held a hammer before. I literally have zero construction experience. Can I do this?

Lucky for you, neither has Kevin. What’s great about this business is you don’t NEED to be a carpenter or construction worker; all you need is the ability to follow directions and we will help you hire the right contractors. We will assist you in finding someone who can handle all of that hard work for you. There’s value in learning how to leverage others to build success and we’re going to show you how.

What happens if something goes wrong?

As with anything in life, we can never predict the future. However, we will do everything in our power to prevent mishaps. But, keep in mind, that things can go wrong. In this case, depending upon the circumstances, we will address the issue when it’s at hand. Never worry about things you can’t control or haven’t happened yet, it’s just wasting your precious time.

Do you offer fix and flip funding?

We offer up to 100% funding on fix and flip deals.

Do you offer transactional funding?

Yes, we do! Our terms are typically, between 1%-3% depending on home value and location.