Legendary Investors Group is a unique one of a kind platform for entrepreneurs. We designed a simple and easy way to help the average ordinary person build a successful real estate investment business while removing as much of the stress and overwhelm as possible.

In Our 30+ Years of  Real Estate Experience Training, coaching, and mentoring tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, we have been able to develop some of the most lucrative cutting-edge systems, tools, resources, and education in the world.

In Short – Legendary Investors Group is an exclusive Community Of Elite Legendary Entrepreneurs Who Provide Education & Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing.


We provide people who want a fully designed lucrative cutting edge real estate investing business, with mentorship, tools, resources, systems, and branding rights.

You will have the stress relief of knowing you’re working directly with over a decade of real estate investing experience, and there will always be someone available to assist you every step of the way… whenever you need it.

It’s the first of its kind in the real estate investment industry and we designed it to make our Members Successful. Whether you want to start wholesaling, renting, or fixing and flipping, we have the most cutting-edge, Systems, tools, resources, support, and education you need to build a long-term successful business.


We want to help the average ordinary person build a long-term successful real estate investment business while removing as much of the stress and overwhelm as possible.

Our focus is to develop an exclusive community full of elite legendary entrepreneurs who make a massive impact in the industry. We want to help the average real estate investor, and real estate professional earn $100,000 or more per year in income.

We are driven to transform the businesses and lives of people in the real estate industry. We are aimed at revolutionizing the real estate industry by offering the most cutting-edge systems, tools, resources, and training in the world.

To transform, impact, touch, and inspire 1,000,000 lives in the next 10 years. To Leave a Legacy Behind.


We have created custom proprietary systems & step-by-step guides that require very little to NO thinking; we designed them as an action based guides that eliminates the major learning curve it takes to get a real estate investment business started.

Our team provides you with the business system, manuals, tools, resources, and support you need to kick-start your business and assure you’re on a path to success.

We will guide you throughout the entire process to make sure you have established the strongest foundation possible for long-term success.

Our End goal is to build a team of wealthy legendary entrepreneurs and we want you to be one of them. This is truly unlike anything that’s ever existed, and we are proud to say we are pioneering a new and better way to help others succeed in this industry.


We are a world-class team of crazy thinkers, meticulous do-ers, and creative problem-solvers as we build towards the future. We are passionately devoted to making ideas come to life and take pride in every little detail of what we do. We are a lifestyle, not a job. We all thrive in chaos and operate as a well-honed machine.

Nick Evangelista

Co-Founder & CEO

Nick started his first successful company at just 22 years of age while he was working as an overnight retail manager. Within his first 90 days, he Built his first Six Figure business, quit his full-time job, and took his family on a 3-week vacation to Hawaii!  He’s gone on to develop  5 other businesses ranging from sales & marketing training, self-development, business consulting, real estate investing and real estate agent education.

He has a keen eye for identifying overlooked opportunities and crafting custom marketing, sales processes, and systems that maximize your efforts while helping your business run more effectively and profitably. He’s a master at building powerhouse businesses and teams using very strategic approaches, proven systems, strategic marketing, and sales strategies.

For over 6 years now Nick has been working passionately with real estate professionals & entrepreneurs to strategically launch, grow, scale, and transform their lives and companies to massive heights.  He spends a lot of his time educating his students into elite entrepreneurs & Real estate experts, Helping people develop traits & skills for success in life & business turning them into true leaders of their industry.

He Has helped & Served tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to start, build, structure, promote and grow their businesses to six and seven figures.  He has spoken on stages across the country at private millionaire retreat events and spoke to audiences sizes of over 15,000+.

On a personal note, Nick Loves to play music, has a passion for traveling and enjoys extreme sports as well as traditional. He’s a family-oriented man that dreams of one day owning the New England Patriots.

†Nick is also involved in some charity work during his off time. He works on the development of a non-profit cancer research and support center for children and adults In memory of his sister who passed away from cancer in 2002 at the age of 25. His goal is to help in the fight to eradicate terminal cancer before the end of the 21st century and provide those who are suffering or have suffered or lost from this horrible disease a positive solution.

Specializes in:

Real Estate, Marketing, Sales, Systems
Entrepreneur, Coach,  Speaker, Author, Motivator

Kevin George

Co-Founder & COO

Kevin George started out in the Real Estate Industry in 2003 ó He graduated from Oakland University with Honors in Communication and a general business minor.

It was at that time that he decided to get into Real Estate and heís been selling, investing, and teaching ever since. In 2015, Kevin graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Wayne State University. He specializes in real estate investing techniques such as rehabbing/flipping, wholesaling, rental homes, and commercial property.

Kevin has started several businesses in his past ranging from iPhone App startups to marketing businesses. He is a well-rounded businessman with a positive mindset who also understands the hard work required to succeed.

Kevin got married July 18, 2015 to his beautiful wife, Lidya. He enjoys being around family and traveling. His biggest passion in life is helping people
succeed through Real Estate and Coaching.

Specializes in:

Coach, Real Estate, Teacher
Coach, Real estate Investor, Teacher